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Our Professional and Compassionate Team


Noelle- Client Care Specialist, Team LeaderNoelle- Client Care Specialist, Team Leader

Noelle joined the Mayfair Team in October 2015. She is originally from Detroit, Michigan, but she and her family now call Cary their home. She is a licensed cosmetologist, but has returned to her passion for business administration and working in the veterinary field. Her favorite thing about working in a veterinary environment is the compassionate and kind-souled animal lovers. Outside of work, Noelle enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, son and their dog named Penny. She enjoys dining out at good restaurants, watching football and basketball, and post-crossing.

MonicaMonica - Client Care Specialist

Monica joined the Mayfair team in February 2017. She was born and raised in Raleigh and is proud to have lived here her entire life. Monica is a firm believer that "every pet owner deserves the same level of medical care for their pets as they would want for themselves-they're family, after all!" The incredible amount of passion and focus her co-workers have for veterinary medicine and client care are just a few reasons why working at Mayfair is so rewarding. In her spare time, Monica enjoys drawing, finding new restaurants with her boyfriend Andrew, watching new movies, and taking naps with her two cats, Portia and Ninja.


Mayfair Animal Hospital Registered Veterinary Technician Team LeaderGena - RVT Team Leader

Gena is our Exam Room/Laboratory Team Leader. She attended Central Carolina Community College, graduating with honors in 1983 with an Associate's Degree in Applied Science. She is a Registered Veterinary Technician who has worked at Mayfair since 1983. Gena has a special interest in hematology and cytology.  She gets a lot of personal satisfaction from helping pets and their owners.  Gena cites the unconditional love and trust from our patients as heartwarming and a big reason she loves her job.  She also enjoys the variety that her job offers from day to day.  Gena has 2 daughters and two cats named Colby Jack and Lilly Anna Faith.  Outside of work Gena likes to spend time with her family and friends, listening to live music and working out at her local gym.  

Mayfair Animal Hospital Registered Veterinary Technician Team LeaderLily - RVT Team Leader

Lily joined the Mayfair family in August 2012 as member of our surgery technician team. She was promoted to Surgery/Treatment Team Leader in early 2014.  Lily earned her degree in Veterinary Medical Technology from Central Carolina Community College in May 2012.  She enjoys working in veterinary medicine because "every day is a new challenge".  Lily says "the field is constantly changing and developing to help increase the longevity of our beloved pets. There are not many greater feelings than knowing that you make a difference in their lives".   The high caliber of medicine practiced, the passion of her co-workers and the focus on strengthening the human-animal bond are some of the reasons Lily enjoys working at Mayfair.   Lily is originally from Raleigh (Go Wolfpack!) and currently lives in Apex with husband, Harrison, new baby boy Cameron, their two dogs, Roxy and Charlotte, and two cats, Dr. Zanzibar and Zoey.  In her spare time, Lily enjoys spending time by the water whether it is the beach or the pool.  She also enjoys live music and spending time with friends and family.

Mayfair Animal Hospital Registered Veterinary TechnicianLaura - RVT

Laura joined the Mayfair team in November 2012. Laura is proud to be North Carolina born and bred and has lived in Raleigh all of her life. Laura is a Registered Veterinary Technician and a Registered Laboratory Animal Technologist; she received her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from NC State in 2011 and her Associate's of Science degree in 2014. She also received RLATG certification, the highest technician certification available in laboratory animal medicine, in 2014. Laura loves the veterinary medicine profession and couldn't imagine doing anything else! Some of her favorite aspects of the profession include client education, nursing care, and research. Laura's favorite thing about working at Mayfair is being a part of their standard of excellence in animal health. Laura shares her home with three domestic shorthaired cats (Joey, Roxy, and Mali), a mixed breed dog (Jessie), an Arabian horse (Abbie) and a small tank of tropical fish. In her spare time, Laura enjoys renovating the home she bought in 2011 and spending time with friends and family.

Mayfair Animal Hospital Veterinary TechnicianEric - Veterinary Technician

Eric was born in Connecticut and lived most of my life in New Windsor, NY. He graduated from SUNY Delhi with a degree in Veterinary Science Technology in May 20th, 2017. Eric plans to sit for the Veterinary Technician National Exam {VTNE} in November of 2017. Eric currently makes his home in Raleigh with girlfriend, Tessa, her two cats Napoleon and Josephine and his dog Abner. Eric has a special interest in radiology and has aspirations to specialize in that specific field in the future. Eric wanted to help animals in any way that he could and he can't think of any other way than to be working in an animal hospital! When he is not at work, he can be found playing or coaching lacrosse, finding new places to explore, playing video games, watching television or relaxing at home with Tessa and the pets.

Mayfair Animal Hospital Veterinary AssistantAlaya - Veterinary Assistant

Alaya joined Mayfair Animal Hospital in March 2012.  She splits her time between both of our technician teams.  Alaya has a B.S. in Animal Science from North Carolina State University, is K-Laser Class IV therapy certified and is currently working towards her degree in Veterinary Medical Technology.    She enjoys the hands-on care aspect of veterinary medicine and the relationships she develops with pet owners.   The teamwork between staff members, especially on busy days, is one of the things that Alaya enjoys most about Mayfair.   Alaya has six pets: Isis an Abyssinian, Maddox a domestic short hair kitty, Maya the Husky mix, Sasha a German Shepherd mix, Kobe a retriever mix and the newest addition, Mason Edgrr a terrier mix.  When not working or studying, Alaya enjoys reading and going on walks with her "pack".

Mayfair Animal Hospital Veterinary AssistantDivya - Veterinary Assistant

Divya joined Mayfair in August 2013 as a veterinary assistant.   She attended North Carolina State University earning a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science.  Divya enjoys working in the veterinary field because it is a rewarding profession that often offers immediate gratification.  Her favorite things about working at Mayfair are the ability to see and treat a patient from start to finish, the personable clientele and her talented co-workers.  Divya has one dog, Oliver, a border collie/shepherd mix.  In her free time, Divya enjoys reading and playing with her pup.

Mayfair Animal Hospital Veterinary AssistantMary - Veterinary Assistant

Mary joined the Mayfair family in July 1992 as a veterinary assistant.  She has a BA in History from Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, Virginia. Mary also spent a year in England at the College of St. Paul and St. Mary studying history.  She enjoys working in veterinary medicine because she gets to interact with the pets and clients and see the bond that is formed between the two. Mary gets a sense of peace knowing she has helped that bond in some small way. She also enjoys seeing and experiencing how much veterinary medicine has advanced over the years. Mary's favorite thing about working at Mayfair is that it lets her "express her inner geek".  She loves working in our laboratory and getting that first piece of information in trying to figure out what is going on with a pet.  Mary says that "figuring out what is wrong with a pet is like a puzzle and I like helping the doctors complete the picture. The Mayfair team refers to Mary as our "lab guru" because she is so good at performing the many in-hospital tests that we offer and because she loves anything that requires a microscope. Mary has an orange domestic short hair cat named, Chedder. Born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia, Mary now calls Pittsboro home. She is married to a retired park ranger and has one son. In her spare time, Mary enjoys reading, camping, kayaking, swimming and travel.

Mayfair Animal Hospital Veterinary AssistantRenda - Veterinary Assistant

Renda joined Mayfair in March 2005 as a Veterinary Assistant.  She is a transplant from California.  Renda has lived in Raleigh for 11 years and still has a love/hate relationship with our North Carolina weather.  She has a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Exercise and Health Science from UC Santa Barbara and is K-Laser IV therapy certified.   When asked why she enjoys working in veterinary medicine, Renda said "veterinary medicine is a dynamic and ever changing field.  I love the one medicine concept and have always been interested in how veterinary medicine and human medicine are intertwined.  I enjoy the variety of cases we see on a daily basis and the unique challenges each patient brings.  Every day is a bit different and even the little things bring great rewards.  It is never boring and I am constantly learning and growing from my experiences".   Renda has two dogs, Haiku and Willow, and a kitty, Milo, who is convinced he is a dog.   In her spare time, Re nda enjoys spending time with family, beach trips, binge watching movies or multiple seasons of a TV show, vegetable gardening, cooking and catching up on sleep.

SallySally - Veterinary Assistant

Sally joined the Mayfair family in 2002 as a veterinary assistant. From obtaining blood samples to cleaning teeth, Sally enjoys every aspect of her job. She takes pride in doing her job well and especially enjoys helping to calm fractious kitties. Sally loves "being part of a team that practices a high level of care to all the pets we see. I can tell that every team member is there for the same reason and it shows in how well we care for the patients and their people". Sally and her family share their home with two dogs, Gwendolyn and Abigail, two cats, Beaner and Max, and a 75 gallon salt water aquarium. When not working, Sally enjoys spending time with her children, oil painting, sewing, baking, camping and fishing. In her spare time, Sally looks of fun things to do that her family can enjoy together.

Mayfair Animal Hospital Veterinary AssistantLynnsey - Veterinary Assistant

Lynnsey was born in Virginia but now calls Cary home. She has an Associate Degree in General Science.  Lynnsey joined the Mayfair team as a kennel attendant in December 2012.  She has worked hard and has been promoted twice during her time at Mayfair.  After mastering the duties of kennel attendant and technician assistant, Lynnsey recently moved into the role of veterinary assistant.  She loves her job because it enables her to help and care for pets who give such unconditional love to their humans.  Lynnsey’s favorite things about working at Mayfair are the emphasis on teamwork and the focus on staff education.   In her free time, Lynnsey enjoys painting, reading, and spending time with her three pets, Dean the turtle, Lamby the cockapoo and Lewy the lhasapoo.

Mayfair Animal Hospital Veterinary AssistantJuliette - Veterinary Assistant

Juliette joined the Mayfair nursing team in September 2015. She is originally from Massachusetts but now calls Cary her home. Juliette graduated last year with a B.S in Biology from Suffolk University and plans on applying to veterinary school next year. Back home in Massachusetts, she has two doggies named Shaq and Rocky that she misses dearly. Juliette does plan on getting a pet of her own once she is settled in. In her spare time, Juliette enjoys hiking, traveling and doing yoga. Even though she is now technically a Carolinian (as her license states), Juliette still plans on rooting for her original home teams this year (the Patriots and the Bruins).

Mayfair Animal Hospital Veterinary AssistantNoelia- Veterinary Assistant

Noelia joined the Mayfair Team in August 2016. She is originally from Freeport, NY, which is in Long Island, New York. Noelia moved to Raleigh almost four years ago, to be closer to her mother whose been here for over seven years. She has two dogs, Loki and Jake, both of whom were adopted from the Wake County Animal Shelter. Noelia also has two cats, Figaro and Jiovanny, and a bearded dragon named Sven. In her spare time, Noelia likes to spend time playing outside with her daughter. Noelia has always loved the animal field as long as she can remember. Her favorite thing about working with animals is helping them in times of need because they always seem grateful. Noelia is currently a Certified Veterinary Assistant, and she is in the process of taking classes to pursue her RVT license. Her dream has been to eventually work in a zoo with large cats.

Mayfair Animal Hospital Kennel TechnicianOxadis - Veterinary Assistant

Oxadis joined the Mayfair kennel team in August 2015. He recently moved to North Carolina from New York. Oxadis plans on going to school to complete his biology degree and eventually work in zoology. He has always enjoyed working with animals and helping them. Oxadis has three pets- a cat named Belle and two red ear slider turtles named Johanna and Spud. He is very family oriented and has eight siblings. Oxadis also loves football and enjoys watching his team, the New England Patriots, play.


Mayfair Animal Hospital Kennel TechnicianMargaret- Kennel Team Leader

Margaret joined the Mayfair team in March 2017 as the kennel team leader. She has years of experience working with dogs, cats, and horses. Margaret previously worked at a horse farm taking care of over 50 horses. She has had pets all her life, including rabbits, ducks, goats, horses, and of course cats and dogs. Her whole family is very passionate about pets, and they are a big part of her life and family. Margaret and her daughter's also love riding horses in their free time. Her youngest daughter, Jessica, already knows she wants to be an equine veterinarian. Margaret and her family share their home with Sam, a 2-year-old Belgian Sheepdog, and Skye, a 7-year-old Tabby cat. Outside of work, Margaret enjoys traveling, reading, watching movies, and spending as much time as possible with family, furry ones included.

Mayfair Animal Hospital Kennel TechnicianLeslie - Kennel Technician

Leslie joined the Mayfair kennel team in August 2015. She is a North Carolina native and is currently going to Meredith College where she is majoring in psychology with a focus on animal behavior. She has a German Shepard named Lyra, and she also has three cats. Her Lucy is a Siamese, Linny, is a tuxedo, and Mylin is a Bengal. She enjoys traveling, hanging out with her friends, going to wine tastings, cooking (for people and her dog) and watching the Real Housewives.


Mayfair Animal Hospital GroomerRaven - Groomer

Raven joined the Mayfair family in 2004 as our full time groomer.  She worked as a veterinary assistant for three years before realizing her true calling, making pets gorgeous!  Raven is a professionally trained groomer.  She graduated in 2002 from the Paragon Grooming School in Michigan. Raven has 7 cats, Adore, Zero, Poe, Finnigan, Babe, and Crybaby; and four dogs: Chimi, Frankie, Lola and Gish.  In her spare time she enjoys swimming and taking her dogs to the lake.  Raven has a gentle touch with her furry clients and has a special knack for calming even the most stressed pet.  She enjoys grooming both dogs and cats and appreciates how happy they are after being made clean and beautiful.

Mayfair Animal Hospital Groomer AssistantLinda - Groomer Assistant

Linda joined Mayfair Animal Hospital in 2009 as a kennel technician. She now works as our grooming assistance. Linda is originally from Maine and has lived in Cary since 2008 with her husband and pets. While she sometimes misses the snow, Linda enjoys living in North Carolina. Linda’s love for veterinary medicine stems from her love of the animal and the satisfaction it gives her to help them. She says that her favorite thing about working at Mayfair is that her co-workers love animals as much as she does. Linda has two pets, a Rottweiler-hound mix named Remington and a long haired tortoiseshell cat named Autumn. In her spare time, Linda is an active member of her church and enjoys sewing, cross stitching, writing novels, reading and taking long walks with Remington.

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