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Pet Insurance

We know pet owners want the best in medical care for their pets, and Mayfair Animal Hospital recommends that each pet be covered by pet insurance.  Pet insurance plans function very similar to human health insurance policies. The policy holder pays a small amount of money each month for coverage for their pet’s health care.  The agency provides reimbursement to the animal hospital for claims filed. This eliminates the need for placing veterinary bills on credit cards or worrying about having large amounts set aside in savings.

We encourage you to explore your options and decide if pet insurance is right for you and your pet. It is beneficial to choose a policy early in your pet's life because these plans also do not cover pre-existing conditions.  There are several companies from which to choose, and we recommend you compare the policies to choose the right plan for your pet.   Our recommended provider is Trupanion.  You can find a list of the companies along with features and pricing at and

You may also like to view this Trupanion Video:

Introduction to Trupanion Pet Insurance from Quadrid Productions on Vimeo.

Please talk to one of our staff members if you have any additional questions about pet health insurance.



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